Philipp Sidler about the process of designing scarves

How is it when you are designing scarves…read the second part of the interview with designer Philipp Sidler.

Please can you describe the whole process of making your designs…step by step?


Each of my scarfs starts most of the time with an original hand-drawn illustrations, usually in pen and ink. Then I turn them into digital files to be colored, repeated, mirror imaged, collaged and combined to create the final layered print. The steps to creating digitally printed scarves are long and complicated, but the end result mesmerizes every woman with great fashion flair.

I really like the idea of using eco-friendly materials so would you tell us why did you choose this combination?

I don’t have a fashion background so I truly started by zero when finding the right fabrics for my scarves. So what came first to my mind was silk. Cause most of the scarves are made of silk. But I quickly figure out that silk is far away from my personal ethical requirement. (monocultures to feed the caterpillars, deforestation, killing thousands of caterpillars alive and so on.) So I did some research and asked different manufacturer in Europe to send me fabric samples that could work for my highly detailed prints that are eco-friendly. And when I touched the modal fabric and modal/cashmere fabric it was clear to me. Not only is this fabric very smooth, falls nicely on the body, is relatively easy to keep clean but also very eco-friendly. Modal is basically made out of tree, and can get composted to 99%.


You have four collections on your website…do you have a favourite one?

Well the first one called Post Mortem is somehow my favourite. Cause it’s the one that all started with. The Post Mortem Collection is dedicated to a true beauty inside of every creature – the skeleton. It’s elegant, artistic and powerful at the same time.